Hey my name is Peter, I'm 17 and live in Andover, England. Love Video Games, TV shows (FIREFLY), and music :)
Ask away xp


tags for you to block if you so wish:
TVBMusic (for music stuff)
TVBGame (for my game stuff)
TVBArt (for my art)
TVBEdits (for my edits)

Fuck it why not?
Oh and background is black or grey or a different shade of blue to the Sup Guy’s blue :p

- Rosalind Lutece, 1889

Skyrim now running with the enb presets installed :3

You know what I fucking love? Breaking writers block.

So I just subscribed to Cryaotic on Twitch, and then I tabbed out of Chrome and just heard Cry say my username, not gonna lie, it creeped me the fuck out D:

I’m so fucking stupid…

I’ve literally spent the last half an hour looking for a project I’ve been working on. I checked my emails and documents and everything. I’ve been working on it for like 2 and a half months and was working on it last night. So after half an hour I gave up and went to bed.

It was there that I realised that all this time I’ve been working on google docs not Word >.<


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who stood around admiring the Hazard version of Firebase Ghost without realizing the rain was goddamn toxic.

I am not a very clever person.


save tomb raider

please sign, it means a lot & it only takes a second. please spread the word!!

In the past week my friends and I have recorded 34 youtube videos.
The fuck.

He tells me that on this journey, you hang on to your morals and die, or do what it takes to survive… I guess I’ll find out.